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3.8ct MIntabie Black Opal 14mm x 14mm

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This beautiful 100% Solid Opal was mined by us in Mintabie South Australia. Hand cut and polished and ready to set into Jewelry.

Measurements: 14mm x 14mm


Cts 3.8

Colours displayed. Spectacular vivid rainbow that looks like the map of Australia predominant colours red purple orange and green

Type Black Opal 

Welcome to South Australian Opal Traders! Our family have been mining opal for over 30 years. We are leading suppliers of fine quality opal and offer the best prices. Buy  Opals Direct from the Miner - No Middle Man! Wholesale Prices

Each of beautiful opals is absolutely one of a kind and was created millions of years ago beneath the Earth! Rarer than a diamond, each stone has a unique "Play of Colour", causing colours to dance and play across the stone - patterns and colours can display in every colour of the spectrum! Own a piece of Australia & Find an opal that is as unique as you!

Shop with confidence with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee & Free Shipping within Australia. GIA Certification can be purchased if desired.

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